Michael (Mike) Kilgore

A native Detroiter, Michael (Mike) Kilgore is currently the drummer for the legendary Black Merda Band. He has been drumming for Black Merda off and on since the mid 70’s. Michael is known for his versatility on the drums and his precise time keeping of staying in the pocket.  Some musicians refer to him as the Doctor of Drumming. Michael is also a freelance drummer.

Black Merda (US /blæk ˈmərdər/ blak murd-ər)[a] is an American rock band from Detroit, active from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s and reuniting in 2005. The core band members are guitarist/vocalist Anthony Hawkins, bassist/guitarist/vocalist VC L. Veasey, guitarist/vocalist Charles Hawkins, (current) drummer/vocalist Michael Kilgore replaces the original drummer/vocalist Tyrone Hite.(deceased) Hite was a native of Detroit; the Hawkins brothers and Veasey were all born in Mississippi and came of age in Detroit. Michael Kilgore is a native of Detroit.

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